Once we take on your case, we put forth our greatest effort to acquire the working visa for a flat fee, even if a problem arises during the application process. We will not give up until achieving a positive result. Whether or not a U.S. working visa can be obtained is a critical event that may often affect the life of our client. While constantly feeling our responsibility in that sense, we will be there for you every step of the way and make sure the goal is achieved as a result when you entrust your case with us. We always think and act from our client’s point of view.

We usually prepare this many materials to create visa application documents for each and every client.

Application and Acquisition of Various Working Visas

We help you apply for and acquire one of various U.S. working visas.

Application and Acquisition of a Green Card (Permanent Resident Card)

After you have acquired a working visa, it is possible to apply for permanent residency in the U.S.
(In the current situation, it is more likely to be rejected at the interview when you try to acquire a green card after attending an ESL school for a long time.)

Establishment of a Company and Acquisition of Licenses/Permits

When you start a new company or establish a subsidiary of an Asian company in the U.S., we help you with everything from required incorporation procedures to acquisition of necessary business licenses and permits.

Do You Know the Issuance Requirements of a U.S. Working Visa?

A working visa in the U.S. is not issued for the reason that an Asian company in the U.S. wishes to hire Asian staff to make up for its labor shortage.

If the visa application is rejected, use of ESTA will no longer be possible.

A case has been reported in which a store manager of a restaurant business answered “Yes” when the interviewer asked the manager “Do you cook?” during the visa interview; as a result, the visa application was rejected.

There are many requirements that must be met for issuance of a working visa. By using the expertise accumulated over many years, US VISA SERICE COM has extensive experience in acquiring visas in cases that are usually considered difficult (including cases for visas that were rejected in the past).

We Are Not a Law Firm.
We Are a Professional Team Specialized in Acquiring Working Visas.

There is no law or regulation that states only lawyers are allowed to apply for a working visa on behalf of clients. In addition, law schools where aspiring lawyers attend do not teach immigration laws. This means that knowledge of immigration laws is simply gained by self-education, and there is no advantage even if a lawyer applies for the visa.

What are judged in the application process is the business itself and the future of the business. Creating an application with a business sense and environment is essential for an application.

What is being examined is the business viability/prospect shown in the contents of visa application. The application documents must be created with a business mind. Based on our proven history as a satellite company at a law firm in the U.S., the “results” tell all when it comes to fulfilling our clients’ requests for working visas.

* If you wish to use a lawyer for your visa application, we will refer you to our partner lawyer.

We Support Acquisition of J Visa, Referral to a Sponsor, and the Subsequent Status Change.

US VISA SERVICE COM not only supports acquisition of J-1 visa, but also helps with the status change from J-1, which is considered very difficult, by referring clients to sponsor companies that are willing to hire Asian staff.

Many companies effectively utilize the J-visa system; however, it is not easy to change the status from J visa to some other visas after the training period is over.

We have seen many cases in which the training host company typically increases motivation of the J-visa employee to work hard by implying to support a working visa other than the J visa in the future, but in reality, the company does nothing special and the J-visa employee must go back to Asia after the training period.

This Is the American Way of Doing Business.

  • Differences in the state tax laws due to varied state corporation forms of the 50 U.S. states, as well as corporation systems of “LLC” and “S-Corp” that do not exist in Asia, are utilized. Note, however, that in some cases, advantages of these corporations are not available to residents and companies of Asia.
  • “Formation of FC company” is not as easy as in Asia. It requires mandatory audit reporting every year and registration/permit application in each state.
  • We build a network among our clients to support smooth business developments in the U.S.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials 1

As I heard people saying that “the interview is all that matters for getting a visa,” I consulted with many lawyers and agents; however, I never met someone who really cared about my case. During that time, US VISA SERVICE COM was the only one willing to give me sincere advice and even helped me with my interview practice several times, which eliminated my anxiety. I finally got my visa without a problem and am very grateful.

Client Testimonials 2

I came to the U.S. with J-1 visa, but had hard time finding a sponsor company that would accept me after the J-1 visa training. When I consulted with US VISA SERVICE COM in that situation, they searched for a sponsor company and also conducted the suitability judgment of support capabilities at the sponsor. My dream of working in the U.S. has come true.

Client Testimonials 3

My visa application was rejected once and nobody wanted to take on my case because re-application would be very difficult. US VISA SERVICE COM undertook my case for a regular fee and created application documents while making every step doubly sure. I was able to get the E-2 visa on my second try. Thank you so much for your caring and thoughtful consultation.